ELAN Details and FAQ

You can submit your application anytime to the speaker of the ELAN program committee, Prof. Dr. Thomas Brabletz, via the ELAN portal.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • be an employee of Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
  • have a doctoral degree
  • be younger than 38 years of age

The requested funding should not exceed 50,000 EUR. Project duration should be limited to 1 year. Check the guidelines (in German) for further details.

ELAN cannot fund

  • follow-up projects of already funded projects
  • projects that have already received initial funding by Marohn-Stiftung

Applications can be submitted in English or German. Please use the relevant templates for your application and the letter of endorsement.

Please have in mind that your application should be submitted at least 8 weeks before the next meeting of the ELAN committee. Additional preparation time might be required in case of external evaluations or general holiday time.

Be prepared to answer any questions from the executive office or program committee within 6 weeks after the committee meeting.

After approval

Form signature validation
Form entitlement to disposition

The end of the funding period is included in the letter of approval.  Please submit a final report the program committee within 4 weeks after this date.

  • If applicable,
    • Submission of the original publication resulting from the project (no abstracts). A manuscript which is not yet published can be recognized as a provisional final report. In this case, an offprint has to be submitted within 6 months. ELAN must be named as a funding source in the publication. If this is not the case, the article cannot be accepted as a final report.
    • Submission of a project proposal presented to a third-party funding agency (copy of the proposal and note of approval). The requested or approved amount of funding needs to be stated.


Note that submitting a final report is a prerequisite for approval or future ELAN projects from your group!

Unused funds are returned to the ELAN fund to support other research projects. An extension of the project duration is possible in exceptional cases. The project leader has to send a corresponding request to the spokesman of the program committee before the official project end, explaining the reasons for the extension.

Find the meeting dates on the Faculty’s meeting calendar.

  • In what cases is the proposal evaluated externally?

An external evaluation is required if the requested amount exceeds 20,000 EUR. For projects up to 20,000 EUR, the internal rapporteur decides whether an external evaluation is needed.

  • Do I always need to name 4 external evaluators?

Yes, you need to name 4 external evaluators with a “habilitation” from the German-speaking area, 2 of which need to belong to a university. This is independent from the requested funding amount. The external evaluators cannot be members of FAU.

  • Do I have to contact the external evaluators?

No, the program office will do that.

  • Can I submit two proposals at once ?

No. The resources of ELAN are limited. Not all applications can be approved. Therefore, accumulations of funds at individual groups should be avoided in order to be able to fund as many different groups as possible.

  • Are there submission deadlines?

No. Applications can be submitted anytime. However, you should submit your proposal at least 8 weeks before the next ELAN program committee meetings in order to allow us to prepare project selection thoroughly.  Additional preparation time might be required in case of external evaluations or general holiday time.

  • When will I be informed about approval / rejection?

After the ELAN committee meeting, you will receive a brief notice about the decision. One to two weeks after that, you will receive additional details.

  • My project was approved. What happens next?

After the ELAN committee meeting, Fachabteilung Forschungsfinanzierung (Fe) generates a cost center for your project which is stated in your letter of approval. From that moment, you can use the funds. Your contact person at Fe will support you with financial management.

  • When do I have to submit the final report?

Please submit your final report within 4 weeks after the project end. (The project end date is mentioned on your letter of approval.)

  • Can a project duration be extended?

Generally speaking, no. However, in exceptional cases the project leader can send a corresponding request to the chairman of the ELAN program committee, detailing the reasons for an extension.

Contact Prof. Dr. Katrin Schiebel for further questions or to request an appointment for a one-on-one consultation.