Photo: C. Seggewies

About 250 international guests followed MIRACUM's invitation to participate in the kick-off symposium.

Rurik Schnackig

Jakob-Herz-Prize awarded for the fifth time.


How likely do patients develop again cancer after a tumor has been surgically removed? This is the central question of the new research project „MelEVIR – Melanoma, Extracellular Vesicles, and Immune Response“.

Photo: S. Krikava the Faculty of Medicine at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg! Discover the excellent research conditions and the high quality of life in the region!


Around 200,000 people in Germany suffer from multiple sclerosis. The causes are far from being fully understood. What is known is that the immune system erroneously attacks the protective sheaths around nerve fibres. Scientists have now discovered how the formation of these protective sheaths is regulated by protein molecules.

A groundbreaking project titled 'MoveIT' has been launched to analyze the gait and falls of people with Parkinson's. Using telemedicine based on sensors placed in patients' shoes and attached to their upper body, researchers aim to analyze specific characteristics in the patient's gait and when they fall.

Researchers at FAU have succeeded in deciphering what causes in some instances life-threatening inflammation of the intestines, possibly opening up new approaches for treatment.