Faculty Committees

The Facilities Planning, Construction, and Management Committee (Baukommission) is responsible for Faculty’s campus development in the areas of research and education. The committee prepares building applications and advises on priorities concerning the building projects of Faculty and Universitätsklinikum Erlangen. It also deals with the naming of buildings, e.g. sponsoring of lecture halls, donations etc.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Winkler

Coordination: Dr. Stefan A. Thomas

The Budget Committee is responsible for the financial basis of the Faculty of Medicine. It prepares decisions of the Faculty Board concerning the distribution of the achievement-orientated budget (LOM) for research and teaching. It works out the LOM-budget of the Faculty. By request, it talks with professors who need a correction of this budget to accommodate their specific needs. The Budget Committee sets priorities regarding applications for the task force that distributes the central share of the DFG program allowance. It uses the administration of  Universitätsklinikum Erlangen to realize its tasks.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Matthias Beckmann

Coordination: Dr. Katrin Faber, Dr. Stefan A. Thomas

The Research Committee discusses the core research areas of the Faculty and develops recommendations for research funding, funding acquisition, scientific cooperations, internationalization of research, and core units. It decides about research awards, if not regulated by other statutes. It addresses all questions concerning the scientific profile of the Faculty. The Vice Dean for Research is, if not full member, advisory member of the committee.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Brabletz

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Katrin Schiebel

The Dean of Students heads the Learning and Teaching Committee (LuSt). It prepares decisions concerning teaching for the Faculty Council.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ostgathe

Coordination: Daniel Miribung

The Academic Staff and Institutional Planning Committee (LEP) counsels on basic questions concerning the organizational structure of the Faculty. This includes the implementation and re-dedication of chairs as well as the implementation and closure of independent divisions at clinical departments. Before appointment procedures are started, the committee gives its opinion about the necessity of the professorship. It advises in matters of continuation of temporary professorships and gives recommendations about the personnel composition of the appointment committee. The Vice Dean is, if not full member, advisory member of the committee.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Klaus Überla

Coordination: Dr. Stefan A. Thomas

The Habilitation Committee (habilitation is the postdoctoral qualification showing ability to lecture and do research at professorial level) recommends the Faculty Council to start proceedings for a habilitation, an appointment for adjunct professor, or a re-habilitation at our Faculty. In addition, the Habilitation Committee annually appoints the candidate for the Thiersch award (best habilitation dissertation) as well as the candidate for the Dr. Fritz Erler-Junior Award (at least every three years).

Chair: Prof. Dr. Mario Schiffer

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Katrin Schiebel