Dean’s Office

Staff and Responsibilities of the Dean’s Office

Foto: S. Krikava

Foto: S. Krikava

The Faculty of Medicine is responsible for research, students’ education, course guidance, development of young scientists, exams, and graduate proceedings. The Dean’s Office provides advice and support to the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Stefan A. Thomas

Management, budget, LOM, human resources

Maria Hofmann

Teaching loads, budget (1519), inaugural lectures

Heidi Kurth

Habilitations, adjunct professors

Dr. Katrin Faber

Research funding (1520), LOM, IZKF

Prof. Dr. Katrin Schiebel

Promotion of research and young scientists, ELAN

Nina Vaughn, M.A.

Doktoranden-Service-Center (Service Center for doctoral candidates), mein campus

The position is vacant at the moment.

Birgit Schumann

Appointments, events

Claus Wichert

Lecture hall management