Are you interested in pursuing doctoral work at our Faculty?

At the Faculty of Medicine, you can acquire the following doctoral degrees:

  • Doctor of Medicine (Dr. med.)
  • Doctor of Dentistry (Dr. med. dent.)
  • Doctor of Human Biology (Dr. rer. biol. hum.)

The Faculty of Medicine awards these degrees in accordance with the General Doctoral Regulations of FAU and the Faculty Doctoral Regulations.

Doctoral students from scientific disciplines other than medicine (e.g. sciences, engineering, humanities) can also carry out their doctoral research at the Faculty if the subject is relevant to the field of medicine. They can be awarded a Dr. rer. nat., Dr. Ing., or Dr. phil., respectively.

In the traditional program, a doctorate is a scientific research project that you carry out under the supervision of a particular professor. It is also possible to obtain your doctorate through one of the structured doctoral programs on offer at the Faculty of Medicine. Visit the Graduate School’s website for further information on doctoral research in Germany and at FAU.