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Die vermehrte Ablagerung von Bindegewebe ist ein Problem bei chronischen Erkrankungen vieler Organe. Effektive Behandlungsmöglichkeiten stehen derzeit kaum zur Verfügung. Wissenschaftler aus der Medizinischen Klinik 3 haben jetzt ein molekulares Netzwerk entschlüsselt, das diese Prozesse kontrolliert und dadurch eine neue Möglichkeit für die Therapie von Organvernarbung darstellen könnte.

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Despite the tremendous advances in treating chronic inflammatory bowel diseases with medication, the chronic inflammation still cannot be kept sufficiently in check for a number of patients. Researchers at the Department of Medicine 1 have now proven that certain cells in the intestines have a key role to play in inducing acute inflammatory episodes.

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A team of scientists, led by Dr. Haubensak, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, and Prof. Hess, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, have now identified a neuronal circuit in the brain that plays an important role in anxiety and demonstrated how common psychiatric medication acts on it.

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On November 13th and 14th an exalted chinese delegation from Wuhan visited the FAU and Faculty of Medicine. The purpose of this visit was to manifest existing collaborations and to identify possibilities for new research cooperations, particularly in the medical area.

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When we are infected by a virus, our body detects this attack and starts a series of defensive reactions. In collaboration with researchers at the University of Chicago, USA, a team of researchers led by Dr. F. Full and Prof. Dr. A. Ensser at the Institute of Clinical and Molecular Virology have now discovered a new defensive reaction against herpes viruses.

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When bones break more easily in old age, osteoporosis is often to blame. However, the cause of the disease and how it develops is not yet sufficiently understood. An interdisciplinary team is now developing a new imaging process with funding from an ERC Synergy Grant worth 12.3 million euros.