External funding

Faculty-affiliated foundations

Johannes and Frieda Marohn Foundation

The Marohn Foundation offers further project funding, especially for scientists who are not employed at the hospital. The funding is currently limited to approximately 30,000 EUR for one year and is mainly used for start-up financing of new projects. Applications can be submitted at any time. ELAN or IZKF funding excludes funding by the Marohn Foundation.

Research Foundation Medicine at the University Hospital Erlangen

The Medicine Research Foundation at Erlangen University Hospital was established in December 2007 by professors at the University Hospital. The founding donors wanted to set a good example and raised the initial foundation capital of approximately 147,000 euros from their personal assets. The motivation for establishing the foundation was the shared conviction that university research in Germany – if it wants to maintain its internationally high level – should not be dependent solely on state funding. Another important concern was that all donors, benefactors and patrons should receive grateful recognition. And that donations – from individual donations to endowments or the establishment of a registered foundation – remain uncomplicated for the donor.

Other foundations and funding agencies

In addition to the major funding bodies and foundations, there are a large number of other institutions at the Faculty of Medicine whose task is to support research and those conducting research. There are more than 20 funding associations for the various departments, most of which are closely affiliated with the corresponding clinics and institutes. In addition, there are donations to the Medical Faculty (e.g. donation Dr. Jahn, donation Elise Pittroff).

  • Fritz Erler Fund (scientific-medical research, especially in the surgical subjects); every three years, the Dr. Fritz Erler Science Prize, which is highly regarded worldwide, is awarded to an internationally recognized personality in the field of surgical medicine.
  • Gottfried and Lieselotte Naumann Foundation (ophthalmology, especially contributions with clinical-ophthalmo-pathological correlation and on microsurgery of the eye)
  • Ernst Muck Foundation and Valentin Aplas Foundation (ophthalmology)
  • Dr.-Norbert-Henning-Foundation (Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. med. Kurt and Margarete Groß-Foundation (cardiology, cardio-physiology or heart surgery)
  • Ria Freifrau von Fritsch Foundation (cancer treatment: Ria Freifrau von Fritsch Prize)
  • Angelika and Helmut Trunk Foundation and Sofie Wallner Foundation (cancer research; annual Sofie Wallner Prize)
  • Adolf Rohrschneider Foundation (environmental medicine research projects)
  • Johanna Prey Foundation (Alzheimer’s research)
  • Ernst and Anita Bauer Foundation (outstanding young medical talent from the Middle Franconia region)
  • Luise Prell Foundation and Fritz and Maria Hofmann Foundation (outstanding diploma and master’s theses)
  • Thiersch Prize (annual, best and most concise habilitation thesis at the Medical Faculty)
  • Staedtler Foundation (extraordinary doctoral theses (Staedtler Doctoral Prize) and research projects)
  • Novartis Foundation for Therapeutic Research (research fellowship for outstanding young scientists)
  • Foundation for Teaching at the Medical Faculty (promotion and improvement of university teaching and the training of young physicians)

More detailed information on the foundations can be obtained from Department H2 (Corporate and Foundation Affairs) of the FAU Central University Administration, where most of the aforementioned foundations are administered.