FAQs on the application

Finding a suitable support program

Who can help me identify an appropriate grant program and who can advise me on how to apply?

For EU projects, it is advisable to contact FAU’s F1 department at an early stage.

Preparing an application

Can the university or faculty also support me financially in preparing a proposal?

Exclusively for strategic alliances and projects, you can apply for support from the faculty or FAU in certain cases.

I am still looking for cooperation partners for my application. Are there any support options for this?

Various regional, national and European networks support researchers in their search for cooperation partners (including small and medium-sized enterprises).

Can I get help with budget calculations?

Scientists at the University Hospital Erlangen can contact the department Fe (research funding). The department at FAU also provides important information.

Writing a request

What is a Letter of Intent, and how do I write it?

With a letter of intent, you confirm to research partners that you would like to be involved in a project. This letter of intent must therefore be individually tailored to the project or the main applicant.

Preparing the submission

Who will sign my application?

Usually, the call specifies who is eligible to apply (FAU, university hospital, chair, research groups, researchers, etc.).

Collaborative projects, such as research groups, Transregios or SFB, large-scale research equipment as well as funding that requires a sustainability commitment from the faculty (e.g. Heisenberg program, endowed professorship, graduate school, Max Eder program, etc.) must be presented to the Research Commission before the application is submitted. If the Research Commission supports the content of the proposal and financial support is to be promised by the faculty, a presentation in the Finance Commission (financial commitment) or LEP Commission (professorship) is also necessary. Please contact the dean or the commission chairs for this purpose.

Attention: System-relevant facilities / joint projects of 2 million euros or more and large-scale equipment of 1 million euros or more FAU share must be decided by the FAU Senate before the application is submitted. Please note that the faculty committees only meet during the lecture period (two to three times) and applications of 1 million euros or more must first pass through the faculty committees before they can be dealt with by the FAU Senate. This requires generous scheduling.

I need a letter of support for my proposal from the university administration, dean or faculty. Who can I contact?

Please briefly summarize the following information: What is your project about? Why should the faculty support the project (strategic interest of the faculty in the project)? What kind of support does the project sponsor expect (non-material? financial? in what amount?). Please send this information to Dr. Stefan Thomas.