During the studies

During the first four semesters, students of the new and existing FAU medical degree programs are trained together at the Erlangen site. Only the internships for career exploration in the second semester and the introduction to clinical medicine in the fourth semester are carried out separately for both study programs. Detailed information on the study structure and courses in the first four semesters can be found on the pages for the Medicine program.

Training in the second semester of the Erlangen/Bayreuth Medicine program takes place at the Upper Franconia Medical Campus in cooperation with the Bayreuth Clinic. Only events requiring patients, subject-specific infrastructure or teaching staff that are not (yet) available at the Medical Campus Upper Franconia are held at the Erlangen site. The events in Erlangen will be bundled in the fifth and, if necessary, sixth semester. Corresponding schedules for the clinical semesters are currently being developed and will be published on the homepage of the Medical Faculty well in advance of the start of the second study period.

Study and examination regulations

The objectives, contents and course of the study programs Medicine and Medicine Erlangen/Bayreuth are both regulated in a joint study and examination regulation. You can find them here.

Important dates

A special introductory event for first-year students in the Erlangen/Bayreuth medical program will be held as part of the introductory days for first-year students in both medical programs.

When?: April 18th 2023, 2PM – 4PM
Where?: Hörsaalzentrum Medizin at Ulmenweg 18, “Großer Hörsaal”

There will also be an informative session about the upcoming 2nd semester.
The date will be announced soon.
Where?: Hörsaalzentrum Medizin at Ulmenweg 18, “Großer Hörsaal”

You may only attend the event at the University Hospital building if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered.

Course registration deadlines (summer semester of 2023)

Please note the following dates concerning registration for courses in the Erlangen/Bayreuth Medicine program.

Date/ Time Course
April 6th, 2023 4PM – April 14th, 2023 11:59PM V-PS17_BT PK Einführung in die Klinische Medizin (Vorklinik 4. Semester) Medizin ER/BT
April 6th, 2023 5PM – April 14th, 2023 11:59PM 2nd clinical semester Medizin ER/BT
April 6th, 2023 6PM – April 14th, 2023 11:59PM 3rd clinical semester Medizin ER/BT
April 6th, 2023 7PM – April 14th, 2023 11:59PM 4th clinical semester Medizin ER/BT
April 6th, 2023 8PM – April 14th, 2023 11:59PM Elective courses – clinic (K-PS20_BT) Medizin ER/BT
April 17th, 2023 4PM 1st clinical semester Medizin ER/BT
April 24th, 2023 3PM – April 28th, 2023 11:59PM V-PS15_BT PK Berufsfelderkundung (Vorklinik 2. Semester) Medizin ER/BT

The course registration takes place via StudOn. You can view the course catalog in the campo portal.