Newcomers’ Club: Make new friends with FAU

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Are you a visiting researcher or new employee of FAU / Universitätsklinikum Erlangen? Or did you come to the region along with your partner who works for FAU and are now trying to settle in?

FAU’s Newcomers’ Club, initiated by the Faculty of Medicine, is a platform for newcomers from all countries and their families. The Club aims to be a starting point for joint activities, such as toddlers’ groups, sports / games / arts / literature meetings, excursions, and conversation groups.

Join us every second Thursday (starting March 3rd) for an interesting talk about the region and start making plans with other participants over coffee and tea.

You are interested, but busy on Thursday mornings? Register with us anyway so we can put you in touch with like-minded persons!

Further information, program, and online registration:

Contact: Nora Anton